ABLAA | Green Short Moroccan Caftan ,01

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18 December, 2016
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18 December, 2016
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ABLAA | Green Short Moroccan Caftan ,01


  • EUR: 75.00 €


This ABLAA Short Moroccan Boho Kaftan in  Navy  Green with beautiful embroidery made by hand.

A lovingly made, all purpose kaftan dress. Wear it to the beach after a swim, at home in the evening, indoors and outdoors, at lounge parties and at any time of the year.

Ideal for taking on your next holiday destination as they pack so small, or as a gift to the next mum to be amongst your friends and family. Let us bring a touch of beautiful boho design to your wardrobe and choose from a variety of colours and patterns or even create your own collection.

Fun, comfortable, stylish and cosy, these are a great adition to spice up your everyday wear with colour and inspiration.

Sizing guide:

This product comes in S,M,L,XL,XXL size

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100% Cotton


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