Bridal Necklaces Shoulders

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  • BIANCA | Rose Gold Shoulder Necklace,01

    • EUR: 520.00 €

    This lovely dramatic piece is handcrafted with hand beaded Cotton Venice lace that just sparkles with handset Swarovski Crystals and Precisoa Crystals. Draped dramatically from each beaded lace piece are chains after chains of Preciosa and Swarovski Crystals. We just love the crystal clear Swarovski Link Chain, it adds such soft elegance to this piece. For Ease of wear, this lovely shoulder piece as a lobster clasp closure at the centre back.

  • CATALINA |  Crystal Lace Shoulder Necklace ,04

    • EUR: 520.00 €

    The loveliest floral venice lace is hand beaded with sparkling Preciosa white opal crystal chain, clear Swarovski crystal beads, Preciosa white opal crystals, silver lined glass beads. Beautiful delicate white opal Preciosa crystal chain drapes across the front and back neckline. Swags of silver plated chain drape across the front & back neckline. A longer length of white opal Preciosa chain also hang delicately at centre back.

  • JENNY |  Gold Shoulder Necklace ,06

    • EUR: 550.00 €
  • JULIET | Rose Gold Shoulder Necklace,02

    • EUR: 480.00 €

    Stunning hand plated Preciosa crystal chain in 2 sizes create the neckline and straps of this beautiful piece. Across the front neckline and back necklace are drapes of plated link chain and Preciosa crystal chain. At the shoulder points are 4 sparkling Swarovski crystals hand set into the prettiest tear drop crown settings ever. Finally resting on the arms are 2 drapes of Preciosa crystal chain and 1 drape of plated link chain.Pure perfection. The perfect accessory for any strapless gown.